Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rosy and Cozy for Valentine's Day

by Crystal, of Vintage by Crystal

Oh yes...the Christmas decorations are finally put away and the cozy, rosy feeling of Valentine's Day is setting in! Valentine's Day for me has never really stood out as an important holiday. Half of the time it would pass right by before I even thought about it. I know for the longest time when I was in high school and college I wanted so bad to have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day to celebrate it with. One day I finally I did and we went out to dinner - the restaurants were so crowded and we had to wait in the freezing cold to get in - he gave me a card and flowers - a boring store bought card with a generic message and very least favorite flower - and what was I to give him? Well I never thought about that part before. lol Of course I was grateful and didn't complain, the effort was charming on his behalf and my attempt at a gift for him was met with a "oh......thaannks".When Ben (my now nearest and dearest) came along he told me right away that he didn't like Valentine's Day. "A holiday created by the greeting card companies during a slow sales period - I don't need to tell you I love you on a specified day of the year." Well...he couldn't be convinced, although he's always charmed me with a little something nice (the Napoleon Dynamite dvd one year! How perfect!).

So...after many years of a general lack of interest around Valentine's Day, I decided to embrace it for myself. Purely because in the middle of February, when the snow drifts are up to my waste and the cold wind is blowing, a nice burst of pink and red, and hearts and flowers are just what I need to perk up my little environment and put a smile on my face! I don't even decorate with red anywhere in the house, even at Christmas time, so it's an extra special treat. Plus it reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom used to cover the dining room hutch with her collection of vintage cards and valentine's.

To celebrate my new found love for Valentine's Day, I've made a cluster of friendly characters to help cheer up the holiday...and they do a good job!
Ms. spun cotton strawberry girl is a big hit! I love the contrast of the red and black that she shares with little Pepe Le Pew. And this sweet bunny in the middle represents a new needle felting technique I'm doing. The little details on the face and chest are almost drawn on with much fun!
I can't resist making kitties and I've made a bunch decked out in pink, red and cream. And the silly bird girls are some of my favorites!
I'm really into the jugglers lately too. I did a few for Christmas and just had to carry the theme over to Valentine's Day. They're so festive!
I also really love using tiny keepsake boxes as bases for these characters. It makes them pretty AND functional! The little pink squirrel is holding a heart acorn. :)


  1. These are adorable and perfect for the season

  2. I love your work Crystal! I want to fill up my mantel
    with all your goodies - they bring a smile :)


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