Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bermuda Arts

by Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography

As much as I love relaxing on a beach in the sun when I go on vacation, I also appreciate soaking up the local culture. So when we went to Bermuda for a long weekend recently, I squeezed as much local art as I could into our 3 days.
First we went to the Bermuda National Gallery (Free!) showcasing local painter/mixed media artist, Kevin Morris. Then it was off to Masterworks at the Botanical Gardens ($5) for an exhibit on black artists and the culture of Bermuda.
The next day we went to an area called the Dockyard which featured two artist studios/shops, Glassworks and Clayworks, where you could actually watch the artists as they worked.
There was also the large indoor Bermuda Craft Fair. Local artists were on hand giving demonstrations and talking about their work.

I know it's tempting to spend an entire trip to Bermuda beaching and lounging but if you ever find yourself there, I would highly recommend checking these places out, it was well worth it!


  1. you went to Bermuda for a long weekend? wow I want your life!!!! Great post, love that indoor craft fair

  2. I want your life too!!!! That indoor craft fair looked cool!

  3. Now that's traveling! You are one lucky lady! I'm thinking of saving for a trip now :)


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