Tuesday, March 24, 2009

North Carolina

Kerry Hawkins of KhawkinsPhoto

My uncle and I recently, visited my Mom in North Carolina. She lives in Raleigh, also know as the City of Oaks. They have this fun Acorn Sculpture in Downtown Raleigh.

We also visited Artspace, a visual art space downtown. I was not allowed to take any photos of the art but, I took a few shots in the building. About 40 artists work in the building in a open studio environment. I had some favorites including Chung (Fanky) Chak, Alison Overton and Madonna Phillips

We had breakfast at this cool place called Gypsy's Shiny Diner in Cary, NC
Very yummy food and is just down the street from My mom's place

We stopped by the Farmer's Market, which is really big and full of produce, meat and local products. It was a blast to walk around. I love farmers markets. I even bought a Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. My favorite!

I took this photo on the way back to Raleigh from my Aunt's house in Angiers, NC. We stopped at this Sunni Skys ice cream shop, so I could snap a few photos.

It was a great trip and great weather. I think it is funny that everyone says "y'all".

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  1. "Y'all" is advanced English, in this humble Texan's opinion. It can be a plural OR singular second-person pronoun. Magic!

    Cool photos. It looks like y'all had a fun trip! :D


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