Sunday, April 26, 2009

Native American Hand Puppet

by Nancy of nancyrosetta

I wanted to share this Native American hand puppet that I made in 3rd or 4th grade.
This is the only artwork from Elementary school that I was able to keep over the years. My family moved from Los Angeles to Boston in 1978, and we literally packed a suitcase and moved to Grandmas house. We did not 'pack up the house' we were told to only take what was most important to us (if it fit into a suitcase). Somehow, this hand puppet was important to me.
I made her with my own hands, and I have kept her safe now for over 34 years. Her necklace has seen better days, her dress is a bit tattered, and she shows her age with her cracked face, but to me she is beautiful and I am proud that she hasn't fallen apart after all these years.
She is surely not my first art/craft, but she is the oldest one still in my possession. I hope you all enjoy her as I do.


  1. wow nancy - she is not only beautiful but durable as well! what a wonderful story - thanks for showing us. i can see your artistic talents as well as your spirit in her and i can totally understand why you kept her safe all these years

  2. WOW! She is so sweet! What a treasure! How wonderful that you've had her all these years - she's worth preserving!

  3. Nancy,I just LOVE that doll. How really touching it is to see her again!!

    Hi cute puppet! I've missed you and I'm so glad you are still alive!!!
    love your aunt kathy


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