Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet Ceramics Artist Meredith Host

By Kirsten of Kirsten Bassion Ceramics

Where attraction and repulsion collide
A thin dark hair emerges into your sight from underneath the green beans. You notice a spot of residue on the dinner plate and a stain on the rim of a cup. A gut reaction of repulsion sets in. You start looking closer. The white on white dinnerware patterns of stripes and polka dots can subtly shift to barcodes and sink drains. Are you just being paranoid or is that a dirty fingerprint? What is really clean?

The dinner ritual is largely based on repetition. Small deviations from the norm can put a kink in the dining experience and heighten anxieties. Apprehension about cleanliness plays an enormous role in our culture's common anxieties.

Meredith has a healthy sense of humor and fantastic ceramics skills. Combine those two strengths and her love of horror movies and candy and you get work that draws you in just to make you question your own sanity.
I have highlighted Meredith today not only because she is fantastic but because we can all learn something from her success on ETSY. She seems to have found her production niche while also creating one of a kind gallery work for the rest of the ceramics community.

See and learn more about Meredith's work at her website see her successful ETSY shop at

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