Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Inspiration

By Kiki Fluhr of All the Numbers

I recently bought a book of paper cuts by the incredibly talented Rob Ryan. While paper cuts may not seem like the most intriguing art form - how much can you really convey with one color and scissors? - his art is amazing and inspiring!! Both sweet and a bit melancholy. These are some of my favorite works of his.

I think both would make such wonderful wedding presents - unique and heartfelt! Here's a few more.

Sweet without being sentimental - my favorite kind of love poem.

This is the cover of his book. I highly recommend it! You can also find him on Etsy, and in New York City as well for a limited time!


  1. I love Rob Ryan's artwork too- sigh!

  2. They are wonderful! I may need to go see this book in person. The cover rocks!


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