Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Art Connection

By Kathy Weller of Wellerwishes

by Marjorie Kaye, this original work of art has been gifted
by the artist to the
Sherrill House Inc, Jamaica Plain, MA.

My sister Nancy of NancyRosetta Jewelry and I have been spending time looking at sub-acute short term rehab facilities for my mom, who recently suffered a stroke. One particular place had some unique features that other places did not have, such as art on the walls. I'm not talking about your typical overly soft, flourescent-light-bleached garden-scene prints. I'm talking about real original artwork. Original paintings. Beautiful, textured, inspiring, intricate, well-thought-out, fun-to-look-at-for-more-than-two-seconds artwork. (Fun to look at for ten-minutes-straight artwork!) We were blown away. This was an incredible thing! And, brilliant, too... what better place to house one of a kind, vibrant artwork on the walls than a place dedicated to rehabilitating people?

The organization that is responsible for this amazing program is called The Art Connection. They match and place original, donated-from-the-artist works of art into the hands of non-profit agencies. These range from homeless shelters to nursing facilities to temporary homes to offices serving community interests. It's a great way for an artists' work to be publicly enjoyed and appreciated, and it's an amazing opportunity to inspire creativity and positivity in places where people could really use the lift!

If I hadn't personally experienced first-hand the power of experiencing quality original works of art on the walls in front of me in the setting of the rehabilitation facility, I may never have really deeply understood the importance of this organization and connected to it in this way. But I did, and I do. I plan on donating to The Art Connection, and I hope others will consider donating, as well.


  1. I have been donating my artwork through The Art Connection for several years and I volunteer on one of their planning Committees. It is a phenomenally worthy organization - please consider donating your art or a financial contribution so they may continue in their mission.

  2. Kathy, I posted about them before, too. My friend is on the board of this fabulous organization and I agree it has a wonderful mission!!

  3. I will have to check that out. I love to help organizations such as this


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