Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shaker Moneymaker

by Alicia of Chroma Lab

At Chroma Lab, our main focus is to restore and paint vintage furniture by hand, making it vibrant and modern with colorful patterns. But we have a few other tricks up our sleeve, too. Well, Tony does, at least!

Tony is an adept woodworker, and recently he has been "sharpening" his hand tool skills while building some of his own furniture. He made this Shaker-style table using various hand tools--dove tail saws, chisels, and three different kinds of planes, among others. Most of the hand tools he uses belonged to his great grandfather, who was a master woodworker and builder by trade. It's all in the family; Tony's dad loves woodworking, too.
Tony started with a full scale drawing, then cut the legs and sides.

Next he built the joinery for the table, which includes the mortis and tenon (to join the legs), and the dove tail joints that hold the drawer together. I can say this, because he won't brag for himself, but aren't those some fine hand carved dove tail joints?
After the drawer and the legs were all together, he built and attached the table top. Tony then smoothed each surface with a hand plane, and popped in the knob, which he made turning on a lathe.


  1. *jaw hits floor*

    Thank you for reminding us that people do indeed make things like this by hand. Sometimes I find it so easy to forget this is possible when so much of the manufacturing process is automated now.

  2. Oh, WOW! Knowing you guys are out there making things like this and keeping these old traditions alive helps restore my faith in our future. How I would love to have your work in my home - gonna save my pennies! Thanks for doing what you do!


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