Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Artistic Home: Verdigris Artisans

By Katy of muchacha K handmade

Back in March I moved into my studio, Verdigris Artisans. I share Verdigris with three other creative gals, Nila Venne who is a metalsmith, Jacqui Lawton who is a lampworker, and Vicki Green aka Art By Verde, a painter.

We each have our own workspace within the studio, but I love having them there when I'm working. Having people with such different talents in one studio is very inspiring. We are all amazed at, and appreciative of each others skills. Getting to watch Jacqui or Nila fire up a torch, or enjoy Vicki's paintings while I'm taking a break from my work energizes me.

We have Open Studio nights every third Thursday of the month from 88 N. Main St. Ste. 205 in Concord, NH. This pics are from our first one. It was a beautiful night, and it was great to have even MORE people to share our work with!

We also took care to create a space that is beautiful to work in. I feel so lucky to have such a peaceful creative space to share with such talented people.


  1. Verde has a studio at Western Avenue too - she's one of my favorites: artist and person! Your work looks wonderful together.

  2. That lady sure gets around :) She'll actually be leaving us soon to focus on her Western Ave studio but we have LOVED having her at Verdigris!


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