Saturday, July 11, 2009

Senior Art Fest

by Chris O'Brien of Christine Marie Art

Last week I was invited to be a guest artist at Ledgewood Rehab and Nursing Care as part of their Summer Arts Fest. The residents (and lucky guests!) were treated to a fabulous music performance by We Are America. Those girls can sing! Afterwards I shared some of my art, and had a chance to enjoy the artwork created by Ledgewood residents (see the sampling above). Their work was amazing considering the various physical challenges faced by each artist.

Ledgewood is part of Kindred Healthcare which has facilities all across the country, and where art is a part of their daily activities. They have an annual arts contest where winning poetry and art are compiled in a publication called "Kaleidoscope." Some of the entries are from younger patients, but many are from talented seniors like the ones I recently met. Although the online version is from a few years back, it's worth a look!

Nice to see that art does not have a retirement age!

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