Friday, July 24, 2009

Tactile Baby's Natural Collection Expands

by Colleen Baker of Tactile Baby

I happened to be travelling a new route to my son’s favorite playground the other day when I happen to pass a lumber yard. Stopping in to take a looksy I was impressed by the fact that:

#1 I was greeted warmly upon entering (I’ve been ignored in lumber yards before) and
#2 I was told that I could go into the workshop and take a look at the stock.

I’ve been loyal to a lumber yard closer to home since I started my business. I would tell them what species I wanted and they would pull a board for me to inspect. Sure, I could decline and have them pull another – but I never was able to peruse them en masse!
When I entered the mill I was immediately taken to the neatly organized stacks of lumber and told to take as long as I needed! I was in heaven. I walked out of there with enough wood to last me until the holidays! Anxious to cut into some beautiful cherry I got to work right away; expanding my natural collection on rolling animals to include a dog, elephant and dinosaur.
All items in my natural collection are hand cut, hand sanded and finished with organic flax seed oil, which in addition to being naturally non-toxic and scent and taste free also helps bring out the beautiful natural grain of the wood. Next up will be some natural puzzles, so keep checking back. I hope to have added 6-10 by the fall – just in time for the holidays!

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