Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fiber Revival 2009

by Jen Paulousky of Blue Alvarez Designs

Two weekends ago I was fortunate enough to hitch a ride with TheatreKnitter on Saturday, 8/15, up to Fiber Revival.

This event was held at the beautiful Spencer Pierce Little Farm in Newbury, MA, organized and underwritten by the fabulous Twist Collective.

It was an idyllic day of knitting and, in my case and the case of many others, spinning, in a pastoral setting complete with a fiddle-cello-light drum band under a tree. Total bliss.

As I went with one of the members of the South End Knitters group (and I am a sort of honorary member), we met them there and copped a squat on Beth's blanket under a beautiful tree.

Beth's lovely niece again:

And a very cool swatch for a shawl Beth is working on:

Obviously, some shopping - both window and actual - was done. Beth's niece was game for trying on a linen skirt sample at the Yarns In The Farms booth, which was adorable on her:

We tried to convince her to get the pattern, but to no avail. What, you don't need a see-through skirt? Perhaps I am the only one who thinks transparent clothing is completely acceptable. Moving on . . .

We were fortunate enough to meet the brilliant woman (whose name I totally forget now - Emily?) who is responsible for We Have Thumbs, a great new podcast that covers crafts and tech of all kinds - if you can make it, she'll chat you up about it! Definitely fiber heavy, absolutely worth adding to your regular iPod rotation.

CassieR bought a beautiful pattern for a Noro-sleeved raglan, seen here being held up by TheatreKnitter:

And some additional shots of the lovely Yarns In The Farms booth, including a wild, felted fair isle skirt the owner was wearing:

And although I failed to take a picture of him, Guido Stein was there as well, networking his ass off and stopping to show up some very cool super secret stuff.

A brilliant day in a beautiful place with wonderful people. For me, that's what fiber arts are all about!

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