Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daily Grommet


Maybe you've heard of Daily Candy, the daily email about new products and happenings in cities across America? But, have you heard of Daily Grommet yet? What is a grommet you may be wondering. Well a grommet is a new product that the folks at Daily Grommet do a terrific job of finding and delivering to your inbox every weekday, right around lunch time. It is like a breath of fresh air.

And here's the twist: Daily Grommet tells the story of their product discovery with a short entertaining video clip and frequently introduce not just the grommet, but also the person behind the grommet. You don't need to read about it, you simply sit back, watch, and enjoy. Neat right? Well here is the other twist: Among some of the great, smart products that Daily Grommet discovers are crafty, handmade, very interesting creations. The folks there have a wonderful eye and the ability to search far and wide for the unusual. And they sell the Daily Grommet right there on their website to boot. Ta da!

1 comment :

  1. Louise,

    Thanks so much for telling your wonderful handmade community about Daily Grommet. Hey everyone, check us out, and send us your ideas for the next Grommet. We really look at all submissions. There's a link at the bottom of our site that tells you the best way to submit.

    Jules, Founder, Daily Grommet


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