Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter

by Cristina of Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design

My daughter Dana has her own Etsy shop. The chirping began a bit before the summer, she had hand painted a tshirt and decided she wanted to start a tshirt business on Etsy. Summer was coming and I had planned nothing for her. So I figured we would get creative.
She really took to it wonderfully. I thought she would lose interest after a few weeks, but she didn't. She made so many images I still haven't been able to scan them all to the computer. She designed a business card and I found a special offer for free cards, just paid shipping. She got into our local newspaper, the headline read "Young entrepreneur combines her love of art with desire to help animals."
The reason for this headline is I also figured I could teach her a valuable lesson about giving back, in particular to her community. I told her to pick something she loved and cared about deeply. She said animals and I suggested our local animal shelter. We both agreed it was a great idea. So we decided to give 1 dollar from each sale to the shelter.
I am very happy with the results so far. She's using her talents to create something people like a lot. She's learning she can make money doing something she enjoys and loves doing, drawing. She's told me she wants to be an artist when she grows up. She has new ideas for other products, soon to be revealed for the holidays. She is even doing a show this weekend! She'll have her very own table at our Block Party in Canton, MA on Sept. 26th.
I could not be more proud of what she is acheiving with such a small, cute idea- an idea which began with her watching me work on my own shop. Like mother like daughter, I guess!
If you would like to see Dana's designs, go to http://www.scribbyworld.etsy.com/.

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