Sunday, September 27, 2009

Market Dogs

by Katy of muchachaK

Is there anything cuter than market dogs? NO SERIOUSLY, is there ANYTHING cuter than market dogs? (Okay yeah, maybe market babies, but that's another post...)

Outdoor markets are a dog-lovers paradise, for both vendors, AND dog owners. We vendors get to oogle them, then send them home with their owners. The owners are stoked that they're allowed to bring their dog with them to an activity that involves other humans. And so the parade goes...all day long. CUTE!

This one above is the official market mascot for Concord Arts Market in Concord, NH (she's wearing her market mascot t-shirt). Her name is Bailey, she's a dachsund-beagle mix (a Doxle!) and she loves long walks (on or off the beach), rolling like a tornado in the neighbor's yard, visiting with Gracie the beagle next door, eating stray kielbasa, and of course, holding court and licking babies' faces at her market. She is also usually a gracious hostess to other canines who visit her home market, confident in her place as mascot...but watch out big dogs. She ain't afraid of you...

Market dogs are just another vital ingredient of the cool scene and community vibe that brews up at an outdoor show...

(photo and ridiculous, market dog-obsessed post by Katy Brown/muchacha K)

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