Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BH for Unique Gifts

by Amy of Bumble Belly Designs

I recently presented my wedding gift to friends of mine that were married a year ago. One of my trademarks is that it usually takes me a year to figure out what to get friends for major occasions. The better the friend , the longer it takes me. I just always want to find something unique and relevant.

Thank goodness I belong to Boston Handmade! What a great resource for gifts!
My friends have a definite quirky side, so I thought these great items from Crystal would be perfect!

...and they were a hit!

My friends also love to travel so I got them each a journal from Bexx of White Sparrow Bindery.

They were so impressed by the craftsmanship and the binds lay flat - perfect for travel writing!

I dabbled around with ideas for an encaustic piece using an aviation map of metro NYC. My friend loves anything to do with aviation and we have had an ongoing discussion about pigeons for years now. "Pigeon Propaganda" was the result.

They were really psyched about the handmade goody basket and I loved watching them open each piece! Boston Handmade is my first place to shop!

Thank you ladies :)

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