Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Urban Handmade in Ohio

Recently I was in Ohio visiting family just outside of Cincinnati. One of the days I was there we had lunch in Yellow Springs, a small town surrounded my corn fields and farms. The home of Antioch College, it is a super cute and funky town with cool boutiques, coffee shops and an art theatre. We had lunch at the Sunrise Cafe, an delicious all-natural place with local artists' work decorating the walls.

Next door was a store called Urban Handmade. Turns out they are "a collective of independent artists and crafters who believe that inspiration, creativity and hard work can be rewarded" who, in addition to the store, organize local craft fairs.  Hmmm, sounds familiar! Their store was filled with awesome handmade creations- clothing, jewelry, cards, wall art, etc. They were nice enough to let me take some pictures to share here on the BH blog-

Lots of fun clothing, candles and bags.

More handmade goodness.

My 6-year-old cousin, Hope, was really into the jewelry.

Antioch College is closed for the year so it is pretty quiet right now but hopefully that will change next fall when it reopens. If you live in the Cincinnati area or happen to be near by, I highly recommend a day trip to Yellow Springs.


  1. nice pics and I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Yellow Springs, I love living here.
    Any visitors might want to check out the chamber of commerce website which lists activities, shops etc.

  2. Wow! I love hearing that there are other handmade collectives out there. Thanks for sharing this Lucie!

  3. Thank you, me too! I didn't know what to expect when I visited, it was such a nice surprise :)


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