Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great Movie and Bad Art

By Crystal of Vintage by Crystal:

Last weekend I took a break from all the cotton spinning and Ben and I joined some friends to see "Where the Wild Things Are". It was a great movie and a fun night! The Somerville Theater was decked out in cobwebs and other Halloweeny things.

It was a wet, but warm night...my favorite. Perfect for being out and about.

The characters in the movie were wonderful and really looked like real life versions of the book! My favorite part? The giant dog they saw walking in the desert.

After the movie we ventured down to the Bad Art Museum they had in their basement. It was rather entertaining and some of the "bad art" was actually quite good...like this crazy clown! Very well rendered but certainly a little scary.

The frame on this one was really interesting.

Some tedious pointellism. Silly to think that someone did this much work to paint a man in his tighty whities.

A sweet portrait.

This one was certainly poorly rendered and I'm not quite sure what's going on here...any ideas?

This was a fabulous night out in New England!

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