Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Make the Most of Your Etsy Shop with These Tools

By Bexx of White Sparrow Bindery

Five Third -Party Etsy Tools I Couldn't Live Without:

1. #!etsyhacks – etsyhacks provides a variety of tools that enable you to make your Etsy shop more efficient. A few of my favorite tools:

*Copy listing – Copy an existing listing with one click!

*Fast Tagger – Allows you to add all of your tags at once

*Edit This Item – Lets you edit and item from the “view listings” page.

Etsyhacks also has features that allow you to bulk upload photos, and see a buyer’s shipping address on the “sold” page, and more!

2. Craftcult – Craftcult’s Heart-O-Matic, lets you track hearts and views in your etsy shop, and also lets you know if your shop has been featured on the front page, gift guides, or Storque. Definately an addicting tool.

3. Craftopolis - Think you might be featured in a treasury but don't want to search through dozens of pages on the sometimes painfully slow treasury server? Then head over to Craftopolis and use the Treasure Hunt feature to search the treasury for you shop. There's also a Treasure Clock, which lets you know how soon a treasury will be opening up.

4. Craftweasel – Has a useful tag finder tool to helps you find the best tags for your item. Also shows your shop stats in helpful graph form, and lets you search for similar items.

5. Etsy Fee Calculatr – Use this site to calculate how much you’ll be charged in Etsy and Paypal fees, determine your profits , or to figure out how much you need to list an item for in order to cover your costs.


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