Wednesday, November 25, 2009


By Kiki of All the Numbers

Besides Boston Handmade, I also belong to another team on Etsy, the Quiltsy team. As a group, we "share our experience and knowledge with each other, so that we might grow as individual artisans and as a quilting community." I've learned countless tips and tricks from our members, and also enjoyed a lovely comradeship.

You may be aware that recently Etsy headquarters moved its offices. Their new space is an open floor plan - very different than before, and they found themselves looking for interesting room dividers. They contacted our team with the idea of a collaborative effort - a giant quilted Etsy Banner!

Each member of our team that wanted to participate created a cream quilt block of a standard dimaension, any design, and a few members pieced them all together. On top were appliqued an orange E, T, S, Y and a '.com' and then they were all quilted. After waiting with bated breath we got a thank you note and a picture last week. They wrote:

So, the quilts went up last week but I've had a devil of a time getting a decent picture of them. I can't back up far enough to get them all in the frame (my apologies to the .com quilters) but we're getting a wide angle lens and I'll send better and more inclusive photos as soon as we do.

The response to the quilts has been awesome, everyone is so blown away and keeps thanking me for working with you all to create these great pieces. So, thanks from me and everyone here at Etsy!

Best, -Pete

If you make the zoom in you can see my block - it's the tree right behind the 'S'. How cool is that?


  1. What a great project! Thanks for sharing this with us Kiki. Really cool that the quilt is in the new Etsy HQ.

  2. Wow! Kiki, what a great post! Job very well done. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome! That's such a great thing to be part of. They look great (especially your tree!).


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