Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas at Downtown Crossing

by Marla Kunselman of Sea Glass Things

'Twas the night before Christmas in Downtown Crossing
People were scurrying and the snow was sloshing
The streets were still bustling as the cold wind blew
Because there was a lot more shopping to do

People of Boston have all come together
To support local artists despite of the weather
Forget shopping malls and things made from China
We got handmade items and that is much finer

The Boston Handmade Store’s lights were a twinkle
And from the sky snow came down in a sprinkle
Shoppers hurried in and boy there were plenty
Count was soon lost when the crowd hit twenty

With clinking and dinging the cash register rang
As carolers came in the shop and sang
Goodies were flying off the shelves in a hurry
And away they would leave through the door in a scurry

Bumble Belly sold encaustics of sweet little girls
While Lush Beads had mouthwatering bracelets of pearls
Oh how they loved the vintage figures of spun cotton
I think even a few Martha Stewart may have gotten

Cozy up your cottage with some felted wool bowls
And dress up your table with Bancroft Studios
Scarves are selling like hotcakes from Usable Goods
The cold isn’t leaving… we’re not out of the woods

Hey Betsy! Hey Brooke! Hey Jess and Christine!
Look Mimi, Look Lucie, Look Kiki and Colleen!
Answer questions…. sell items… we are having a ball
Now shop away… shop away… shop away all!

How about Asian accessories from Majenta Designs
or pincushion tiny worlds that would just blow your mind
A Tactile Baby needs some handcrafted toys
All the Numbers can dress all the girls and the boys

Check out the photography of K. Hawkins and L. Wicker
The sweaters from Blue Alvarez couldn’t get any thicker
Metalworks from Nancy Rosetta and Christina Hurly
Sterling silver and bling and just a bit girly

Let’s not forget polymer jewelry from Stonehouse Studio
Oh my… it’s getting late – where did the time go to?
Keep shopping…keep buying it isn’t last call
Christine Marie has mixed media art for your wall

Ninjas of sorts can be found lurking around
Because Thirteenth Story has been back in town
A journal of leather to hold someone’s dreams
White Sparrow Bindery sews love in all of the seams

Other items can also be purchased from here
Some old friends are back to sell their goods this year
Little Wishes jewelry and DeShawn Marie’s soap
Abba Dabba Bag’s fabric prints are really dope

New faces have joined to make the store plump
Zeal and Tamily will get you out of a slump
Fisherman’s Daughter is fresh and just a bit funky
Another shop makes crazy sock monkeys!

Use Albertine Press to send all your thank yous
Do I need them already? Where does the time go!
So deck all your halls… share time with your friends
BH will be sad to see the Holiday end

The shoppers grow weary and soon disappear
We hope we’ll be able to do this next year
So we close the doors and turn out the lights
Happy Holidays to All and to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!

(photos courtesy of Jessica of Reclaimed to You)


  1. OMG Marla this is amazing! Love it!!!

  2. ahahahahahahahahha!! So funny, so creative, love it, love it! Thanks for this Marla xoxo. Hope everyone has the Merriest of Holidays :-)

  3. Fantastic! And I even got to be a reindeer! Merry Christmas to you Marla, and the whole gang.

  4. Oh, Marla - this is so fantastic!!! What a wonderful tribute!
    Merry Christmas!


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