Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspiration in the Studio

By Rebecca of Hypothesis

Last night I found myself sitting in my studio taking a little break, and I began looking around at my surroundings. I decided to try to determine the most inspiring item I keep next to me while creating work.

I had a lot of options, of course! The room is full of bits and pieces of everything. Some things are sentimental to me and some things were likely sentimental to someone else at some point.

I love the statue of the Virgin Mary that sits on one of my cabinets. She is extremely old and weathered, but she has a lot of charm.

Some of my housemate's unorthodox collections sit on a shelf right over my head. If I'm feeling particularly stuck, they can really give me good ideas.

Anything around me that hasn't become something yet, especially strips and strips of leather, are full of such potential they can't help but be inspiring!

A pliable plastic President's ruler given to me by my mom, a postcard from a friend's work, and a wind-up clicking bunny can all act as muses.

In the end I couldn't decide.

How about you? What do you keep in your creative space to make you feel inspired?

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