Friday, February 19, 2010

Photowalk, North End

Kerry of Kerry Hawkins Photography

On Monday, I went for a photowalk with my friend and fellow artist, Lily. We had been planning this for quite some time and finally the day arrived to explore the North End together. With cameras in hand, we wandered just about all over this historic area. We stopped for pizza at Ernesto's and later for dessert at Caffe Vittoria. What I love about exploring and photographing with someone else is you get to see what they are drawn too.

We made a stop at The old North Church. Lily's grandfather told her that some of her relatives have been buried in the North End. We thought we might get some answers to where they were buried at the church. After a few questions asked of the guide at the Old North Church we headed up to Copp's Hill Burying Ground. We didn't locate her relatives but we had a fun time photographing and checking out the old gravestones. It was a successful day of picture taking. I picked the North End, next time, Lily will be picking the location.

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