Sunday, March 21, 2010

Historical "Costuming"

by Katy Brown of muchacha K handmade

So my boyfriend calls me a few weeks ago, with an unusual costuming request. He was about to perform an above-ground synchronized swimming routine in the "Teacher Talentless Show" at the school he teaches at...and he and his skit partner needed 1920's men's swimsuits.

Amusingly, he sent me a pic from online of Mimi Kirchner's tattoed men dolls as an example, not realizing that I know Mimi :)

I had one night to finish the suits...I ran down to the fabric store, praying that they would have an appropriate fabric. Something stretchy, but not too clingy...I settled on a fleece, believe it or not, that was striped like LifeSavers.

I measured the boys and weirdly, they were almost exactly the same size. And I suddenly had a realization: NO CURVES. All at once I could see that fitting clothing for men was perhaps the holy grail of easy fitting. And I was right. I just followed their measurements and the suits fit perfectly, without a fitting. Here they are below, in a particularly intense moment of their performance...which apparently had fellow teachers crying from laughing so hard:

Certainly a unique portfolio piece!


  1. Oh, I hope someone filmed that! I'm seeing a Monty Python Classic there!

  2. Hilarious, Katy! If any video of the performance surfaces, you have to get back here to post a link!

  3. I am so awaiting the video :) It exists but has not yet surfaced...!


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