Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crafty Meet-up

By Kerry Hawkins Photography

Once a month fellow crafters meet-up to talk about Etsy, our art and craft, business, etc. This was started by Mimi Kirchner. This month's crafty meet-up in Davis Square, Somerville, was so lively and fun. The time just went so fast. This photo shows a gift by Sharon of Stray Notions gave to Crystal for her engagement. Sharon is a new and welcome member of Boston Handmade. Crystal was so thrilled to receive this gift. The gift was inspired by Crystal boyfriend, Ben proposing to Crystal on the Martha Stewart show.

I always learn new things, for example, I didn't know that Louise of The Hole Thing started a new blog called Lines of Beauty. I had not heard about about the websites and Statsy. So it is my goal to check those out. Also, Betsy of Stone House studios was wearing some of her new creations. Very interesting and beautiful.

Of course, we talked about Etsy, blogging, life and experiences.

In attentence were Sharon, Lisa, Betsy, Crystal, Linda, Louise, Mimi, and Trisha. The biggest group of artists and crafters so far.

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