Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bonding over sewing...

by Katy Brown of muchacha K handmade

I began sewing at age 6, at my mother's gentle prompting, by way of a small sewing kit in a tin. Sewing was always a nice way to bond with the important women in my life.

Well it's time to bond with a new generation over the needle and thread.

In July, I officially become step-mom, although my relationship with my almost step-daughter is already in full swing. We've just begun our first MAJOR bonding project...making her dress for the wedding. She is 8 and has a lot of opinions. She initially drew a pic of the dress of her dreams...which inspired her father to chuckle "I don't know which is more terrifying, the karate kid style headband, or the fact that she drew herself with breasts!"

I knew better than to argue with her about her choices too far ahead of time. I gave her a palette to choose from, drawing implements, and free reign. If figured that if she really wanted the first dress she drew...looong, daaaaark...and rather serious for an 8-year-old...that at least it would fit the palette and could be adapted to be age appropriate. However, my vision was of her wearing a blue dress with white flowers to contrast the clip you see here of MY dress:
I said nothing to her about my idea...but when I came home the other day with fabric for the tablecloths she immediately grabbed the pretty turquoise blue fabric and said "IS THIS FOR MY DRESS!? We could do my dress in this color so it matches the blue in YOUR dress! And I could have a flower in my hair!"

YEAH! I told her that of course, she could have a pretty blue dress. And when I suggested adding white flowers to it, so that it's the opposite of mine...oh la la, was she every excited.

So we will go this week to pick her fabric together...and the project will begin. She took a sewing class in school this past year and is excited to help with the sewing...


  1. You ROCK Katy! What great memories you are making... as beautiful as your dresses :)

  2. sounds super cute! I also love the little peek at your dress, it looks gorgeous!

  3. What a lovely story Katy! So sweet. And I can't wait to see BOTH of your dresses!


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