Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Current MFA Exhibits

by Jaye of Thirteenth Story

Earlier this month, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts during the Bank of America free weekend.*

The two exhibits I was focused on for this trip were the Albrecht Durer prints, and the Cafe and Cabaret posters from Toulouse-Lautrec's Paris. I was thrilled to be able to see both of these, and I hope that you get the chance to see them as well.

The Durer room had a great variety of his work. It was interesting to note that Durer did not carve all of his etchings himself, but instead would illustrate them on paper, then have someone else carve out the negative spaces on a plate.

The Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit is installed along a hallway, and includes posters, sketches and paintings from Lautrec and his contemporaries.
Albrecht Durer prints are there until July 5th.
Toulouse-Lautrec's Paris exhibit is there until August 8th.

*If you have a BoA card, you get into some museums free on specific weekends. The next ones are June 5th and 6th, and July 3rd and 4th. More details here.

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