Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trip to Mudflat Studios

by Arthur of Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics

I wanted to share a few photos of the studio space that I am currently work in. I make my work at Mudflat Studios in Somerville, just outside of Sullivan Square. Mudflat is home to 18 studio artists along with many students young and old alike. Mudflat has been in existence since 1971. Mudflat is located on 149 Broadway. We host two open studios throughout the year, one just before the Holidays in December for a week, and the other the weekend before Mother's Day.
We also have a gallery in Porter Square that is there year round and features a different artist of the month throughout the year. We at Mudflat are all very excited because we are going to be moving down the street to a bigger building, the old Somerville Theater and will hopefully be in the building by this time next year. Below you'll find some shots I took of the studio. Enjoy!

The outside of the studio where you'll find many of the artists enjoying their lunch!

The wheel room where the magic happens on the wheel!

The glazing room, where you dip and paint glaze onto your piece before it goes in the glaze kiln.

This is our largest Kiln, we call it the 50. It gets loaded, fired, and unloaded two times a week! We really try to have the turn around at its fastest for the students and studio artists so they can grow as artists.

I hope you all have enjoyed the trip to my second home!

To check out more about Mudflat check the Mudflat website on Facebook and on twitter!

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