Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Photos

So last week I had my friend Monica Ripley (She is the one that I would add as #7 to my previous post "5 (as in 6) Ceramic Artists you need to know!") take new photos for me, my website and upcoming grad school applications and I have to say that they came out amazing! I'm so happy with all of them! I don't know about you guys but I have become very choosy about what I get photos taken of. I had one piece that we could not photograph because it was too tippy and I just didn't want to waste the time on trying to get it to stand up straight. I also have noticed that getting photos done the first time made me realize that I was making a lot of flat objects. Well that had to change and immediately! I think that's where my flower brick form came out of. All in all it was a good thing, here are a few of my favorite images. ENJOY!

So see all of the new images please be sure to check out my website HERE.


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