Friday, August 27, 2010

Where have all the photo albums gone?

by Julie Beck of Julie Beck: Original Paintings

Here's what worries me- Imagine the year is 2040, and we want to be all like "Hey grandkids, look at the beautiful artworks I created back when I wasn't this old and wrinkly!" or "See this is what we used to do before we had teleporters" but OH NO! "Sorry kids, my hard drive crashed back in 2012 and I lost it all."

As an artist, I think it's important to document your work, not only to copyright it, but also as a way of going back and looking at how you've grown artistically. All the members of Boston Handmade make such amazing things, and it would be a shame not to have documentation of these items in physical form.

This is why you should make sure to print out those photos or make a book of them. It's so easy! There are so many ways to do this, but my favorite is Blurb has a great intuitive software you download to layout your book including text and photos.

Just recently I created this book for a portfolio of my paintings, but it also would make a nice gift for my parents, or friends who like my paintings.

Don't lose those memories!

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