Wednesday, September 22, 2010


by Arthur of Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics

As part of my creative process I am CONSTANTLY looking at the work around and finding the little things that inspire me. That may or may not include clay. I try not to look at other clay artists work for inspiration because I don't want o be too influenced by them. I did that in the beginning with my friend Kari and her old work but I feel like I have separated myself enough from her at this point and I want to make a name for myself.

When my work is out in the world I want people to think of me and not my friend's old work. That's the fine line that I knew I was walking when I made the transition into functional work. I hope you like some of the things I look at for inspiration!
I love this photo of water lillies all clustered together.

Antique porcelain pieces play a huge part in my creative process. I really love the ones that serve multiple functions and are more of a centerpiece rather then a one hit wonder.

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I love getting the fake tree (has to be fake in my house to be Christmas) and decorating it. The twinkle, shimmer and the nostalgic memory associated with each and every ornament I own is a really cool springboard for decorating pieces.

*Side note I really love the look of Christmas lights that are outside and have a blanket of snow on top like in the photo of the bush.

Carnivals again for their lights at night time like Christmas, and the color combinations that they put together is another awesome springboard for glazing.

Toile and damask I love to look at for their repetition of pattern. I see this happening in my work with the molds that I use, I almost see the bisque molds I use as sort of a printmaking process in clay.

Candy has had a huge influence on me and my work. I love the colors that candy comes in!

Wedding cakes, or pastries in general. I love the look of thick slip applied to a piece, it totally looks like frosting if you didn't know any better.

I had to throw this photo in from the fabric workshop in Philly. The artist took the school photos from his bullies in elementary school and made them into fuzzy wallpaper. Its glowing from the black light, and to top it off its installed in the men room, how cool!

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