Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making a Big Change

Well, this past Friday was a memorable day for me; I moved my home studio to a retail location right down the street from my house. I decided to do this over the summer, and have already learned a lot about what it involves to open a "brick and mortar" business.

The packing seems so far to have been the hardest part. It was very difficult for me to decide what to keep and take and what to get rid of, similar to moving to a new home! I had accumulated just as many memories and messes in my small work space as in the rest of my home, only all jewelry and inspiration related. I took some final pictures of my old space before moving everything out.This is probably the cleanest you will ever see my bench...

Moving day went pretty smoothly, although we had decided to move everything by hand, just walking it down the street to the new place, so needless to say, I was very sore the next day.
However, the day after that, after a good rest, I was ready to go again! I have this new sense of purpose, I get up and "go to work" again. I feel responsible to get there on time.
It is now Monday as I am writing this. It has been three days since the move, and I have the studio set up.

The benches...

I'm making custom tablecloths too!

I am able to make jewelry again, and am now trying to get the display space together in order to open the store as soon as possible.

Wish me luck!

Next chapter: Making the Display space!

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