Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Movie: Local Color

by Jaye of Thirteenth Story

I wanted to let you know about an indie movie that came out earlier this year, called Local Color.

Written and directed by George Gallo, Local Color is inspired by a true story. It is about an aspiring painter (played by Trevor Morgan) who learns that a painter he has always looked up to is retired and living in his home town. He approaches the older master and asks for lessons, only to discover that his would-be mentor is a curmudgeonly man disinterested in the art of the day.

The film explores the relationship between teacher and student, and the relationship between the people who make art and their audience. It is a well put together, and visually calming movie.

The official website of the movie is here, and it is available on iTunes to rent or buy.
I wholly agree with this review... “Filmmaker George Gallo has reached into his soul to make this deeply heartfelt story. Local Color is funny, angry and totally human-- with resonance for everyone who dares to dream.” - Jami Bernard, Film Critic, NY Daily News

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