Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favorite Bead Shops, Other Than My Own-Part I

by Liz Stewart of Lush Beads

I have been beading for 10 years. In my travels, I have visited every local bead shop (LBS) I can find. Why? Because I love beads and beading supplies, and every shop has its own unique personality and local charm. This hasn't changed just because I run my own bead shop, either.

So, let's talk talk about a few of my favorite bead shops. The first one I want to discuss here is Bead It!, located in Concord, NH.
Concord, NH is about an hour from where I live in Lowell, MA. I frown every time I go through the tollbooth, but otherwise the ride is an easy one. Getting to the shop from the highway is also simple.

Parking is on-street, and I have never had trouble finding a spot. Be sure to bring quarters to feed the meters.
The store is good size, but not overly crowded. I'm not a huge fan of crowded bead shops for 2 reasons: 1) There are too many things to see and I can't focus, and 2) I am afraid of knocking something over.
This shop has a little bit of everything - Swarovski crystal, Czech glass, Miyuki beads, semiprecious stone, sterling silver, and more. I especially love the selection of metal findings - clasps, cones, and so forth. They carry sterling silver, vermeil, gold-filled, copper, and more. And I am a fan of their substantial Miyuki collection. I do a lot of bead weaving, and seed beads are a must.

The people who work there have always been very nice to me. As a bead store owner, this is very important to me - believe it or not, some bead store owners are not pleased to find out that I am a fellow shop owner. Other bead stores owners are pleased to meet me and treat me like any of their other customers. Those are the shops where I refer my customers who need something I do not carry.

Whenever my beading friend Donna visits from Atlanta, GA, we go to Bead It! We also go to a few other bead shops, so keep an eye out for my next installment.

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  1. I visited Bead It in the summer, it was a-mazing. I was in the U.S travelling ahead of starting up my handmade knitwear company.


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