Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here Comes The King

By Beth of Elizabeth Brennick Designs

My daughter's friend's dad works for a company W.T. Wilson, based in Pawtucket R.I., designing pewter figurines and gifts. Everything they manufacture is made in their factory here in the USA. A company contacted them to design and make crowns for their annual outing where they will be given to their employees as awards. The dad knew I sewed and asked for me to design and sew the lining for the crowns.

There was a couple of meetings where I showed samples of fabrics with pricing and then a sample of the actual hat for the okay to go ahead. The outside was done in a very nice red velvet fabric with a matching cotton liner. I sewed eighteen of these crown hats! It was crazy, I felt like a factory and red velvet fuzz was everywhere. I constructed them by sewing six panels that looked like elongated triangles. I did this process to both the red velvet fabric and the cotton liner. After, I had to make sure the seams matched up to the bars that went from the base to the tip. It was difficult to measure and stitch the individual panels so that they fit the odd shape of the crown properly - I did mess up on a couple but hey I'm human.

All said and done they came out great and both W.T. and the customer were very pleased. Also the reimbursement for my work really paid out well. I also have future work with the company - hopefully it's not crowns again!! The above photos show them in gold, bronze, and silver. The photo below is them getting packed up and ready to be shipped off.

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