Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mosaic - Bird Themed Items from BHers who Tweet

1. Keychain Bottle Opener or Pocket Mirror by MaJenta Designs Twitter: @MaJentaDesigns
2. Snow Birds North Square 5x7 Photo Print by Lucie Wicker Photography Twitter: @Knight27
3. Blue Bird Tea Bag Holder by Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics Twitter: @arthurvalvorsen
4. Soar Necklace by Nancy Rosetta Twitter: @nancyrosetta
5. Polish Wycinanki Folk Art Bird Cards - Set of Four by Pressbound Twitter: @Pressbound
6. Tweet Pillow by Bumble Belly Designs Twitter: @bumblebelly

1 comment :

  1. sorry for the misspelling of my twitter handle it is actually @arthurhalvorsen


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