Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poo Paper Calendar

by Nancy of nancyrosetta

Last week I got this calendar in the mail from my Dad. My Dad is an artist, teacher, art director, illustrator, cutting horse breeder, cutting horse trainer, ranch owner, ranch manager, horse feeder, horse washer, horse lover and horse painter... I'm sure I missed something cowboy/horse/artist related.

How awesome is this? Most of it is printed on recycled Horse Manure paper imbedded with wildflower seeds. I will be planting this in the spring of 2012. It includes 12 tiny prints of original watercolor paintings by Don Weller.

Of course I called him immediately to find out where these can be purchased. Unfortunately, he only had a limited quantity printed this year to give out to friends and family. Next year he says he will print more for selling. I think they are brilliant. But if you want to take a chance that there are still some left, you can email I have no idea what they cost, or how many are left. I do have an idea that you will love it as I do if you are lucky enough to snag one.

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