Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Ornament How-To

By Arthur of Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics

Last month when I posted my Christmas Inspiration photos to the BH blog, I made a promise that I would tell you all how I made the Christmas card ornament. Well here you go!

You're gonna want to take your cards and cut 20 of the same size circle out of them. I used a tea light holder as my circle template. And made a master so in case I loose the tea light holder or something happens to it I have the master, and that gets packed up with the ornaments year so I always know where it is.

Next you'll want to fold up the edges on three of the side on all the circles. The more even the better. What I like to do next is flip all the circles over and scramble them up to make it more random. Then you just start gluing, I use elmer's white glue rather then a hot glue gun because every time I use a hot glue gun I get burned. Add a dot of glue and press together firmly for 20 seconds. I do five on top to make a circle and 5 on the bottom, then glue ones to the appendages and soon enough you'll create a ball. I then use either gold or silver cord to make the hanger.

I like to create these year after year and started this tradition of doing so right after graduation college. I have also seen them made out of paint chips for a more designers edge as accents in the home year round. I think that would be a pretty cool idea as well. I hope you all enjoy your new ornaments or home accents.


  1. ooo I love this idea, I may try this with some wedding cards! :)

  2. Beautiful art! What a great creativity. I inspired to make such a gift for my little niece.


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