Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color Index, a nifty little tool

by Kerry Hawkins of Khawkinsphoto

Color Index by Jim Krause.

I love this tool for picking colors that go well together. The book suggests color combinations for two, three, and four color palettes. The combinations run the gamut from modern, art deco, intense, muted, earth tones, etc... There is also a section showing colors and how they look with black and grays. I am also, a graphic designer and this is a wonderful resource for color ideas for designing everything from brochures to logos. The book provides you with CMYK and RGB Formulas for print or web design.

I think the book is also a good tool when you are putting together just about any type of project, from paper collages to sewing. When you are stuck on color choice, it is great for a little help.

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