Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food and My Wide Angle Lens

by Kerry Hawkins of Khawkinsphoto

With the weather being so cold and snowy I have started to taking more photographs indoors. Much warmer and a fun challenge to find new subjects to photograph. I have been taking quite a few food related photos. My husband loves to cook and I like to eat so, why not document it all. I have decided to put my wide angle lens to work.

Last year, I bought the Nikkor 35mm lens. This is a lightweight lens that is great with lower light conditions. I also, like the narrow focus, with the background being out of focus. The soft look of the backgrounds is also another thing that attracted me to this lens. I took me a little while to get used to the lens and what made for a good photo. I eventually got the hang of it. This lens is also good for portraits, travel and nature shots. Although, I am having the most fun with the food shots.

These are some posts where I have used the lens, here, here and here

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