Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Work

by Cristina Hurley of Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design

I have been re-exploring the pyramid shape I worked on in college, and I find that even though I make the piece using the same technique, it is coming out slightly different, which I find quite curious...
Here's one of the first ones I made...

And here is the latest one in the edition... and yes the layers spin!

I am also able to expand the idea into a pair of earrings... which I think came out very cute:

I would love to also be able to make a bracelet. I will post pictures if it comes into being. In the mean time, enjoy some more pyramids I have made over the years.

Some are old and some are new, but they always resurface at some point during my creative process. You will see their influence throughout my body of work.

I have always been inspired and fascinated by the simple and yet complex and magical shape of the pyramid. Even though I have not studied a lot about the meaning behind them throughout history, I know they have some kind of spiritual meaning for me, as they must have had for the ancient people who built them.


  1. These are beautiful Cristina? Are they available for sale at your gallery?

  2. They are! I'm located at 3 Rockland Street, Canton, MA 02021. Come on by and pay me a visit!


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