Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where is YOUR BH flair??

by Jessica Burko of Reclaimed To You

The members of Boston Handmade love sharing the joy of creativity with everyone they meet.

I have seen Boston Handmade members showing strangers on the street how to 'cast-off' a knitting project, and telling anyone who asks where the best supply resources can be found, and what books and websites they have found most inspirational. If it's about art, craft or design, consider us all ears.

One method that sparks such conversations is when a passer-by asks "What's Boston Handmade?" after seeing one of our pin-back buttons, stickers, postcards, or business cards which we distribute at shows and events.

The other day I wondered where Boston Handmade flair gets displayed, and I collected a few photos showing exactly that. Diane of Lady Dye has a BH sticker on her water bottle, Laura of Pansy Maiden showed me a BH button as part of gift wrapping, Nancy of Nancyrosetta keeps her BH business cards in a handmade card case inside her Pansy Maiden bag, and I snapped a photo of a few BH pin-back buttons on my scarf made by fiber artist Jeung-Hwa Park. I'd love to see where YOU have your BH flair! Please post links to pics in the comments of this post, and keep an eye out for new Boston Handmade give-aways to all of our friends and fans in 2011!

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