Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Four New Books on my Shelf

By Leah of cricicis design

The Bauhaus Group: Six Masters of Modernism by Nicholas Fox Weber

An amazing biography of a group, in which Weber's
stories intertwine & inspire!

Just Kids by Patti Smith

A humble & endearing story of how two artists in New York in the late 60s became famous. Even if you're not already a fan, this story of artistic partnership is very inspiring.

Chinati: The Vision of Donald Judd by Marianne Stockebrand

Wonderful photography of the Chinati Foundation's sprawling collection in Marfa, Texas.

The Exquisite Book: 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game
by Julia Rothman, Jenny Volvovski, Matt Lamothe, and Dave Eggers

An amazing collaboration of 100 artists. It's the best picture book ever! These amazing illustrations are hard to put down.

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