Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photographers Who Inspire Me

by Kerry Hawkins of Khawkinsphotography

Paul Strand - I love this shot. The shadows are terrific. His photography has the feel of someone observing life from afar in a very quiet way. Paul Strand photographed a variety of subjects over six decades. What I love most are his city scenes and portraits. He really captures the spirit of his subjects. I don't take portraits but his work may change my mind.

Vivian Maier - Vivian's work was recently discovered and I have fallen in love with it. I hope to someday to take street photography like this. It is hard to believe that her work hasn't been in the public eye until now. Her work was discovered at an auction, which included 100,000 images. I can't get enough of her photos.

Minor White - I discovered Minor White's work in college, so that is a bit ago. I love his eye for the simple and elegant. I really like his landscapes, they are very quiet and I almost feel like I am there with the photographer.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these with us Kerry. I love seeing where the inspiration comes from for your amazing photographs.


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