Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Changes at Boston Handmade

Felted Earth by Lynne Parella of Cozy Cottage Creations

This year has gotten off to a roaring start for Boston Handmade. Since 2007 we have been connecting local artists and craftspeople; bringing together arts professionals in all stages of their careers, encouraging dialogue, and harnessing the power of many to strengthen the success of each creative individual. Starting this year, we will do even more.

With the enthusiasm of our membership and generous support from The Boston Foundation and the Boston Center for Adult Education, we are expanding our current mission to reach out beyond our membership to the wider arts community in Boston. As we strive to increase visibility for locally handmade art and craft, we endeavor to assist creative professionals in developing the tools they need to maintain successful arts businesses. Boston Handmade is in the process of becoming a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization; we are seeking storefront and office space, preparing to hire staff, writing developmental grants, creating new educational and outreach programming, and making exciting plans for the next several years.

Since our inception, the membership of Boston Handmade has been dedicated to working collaboratively for mutual inspirational and professional benefit. We regularly produce exhibition and educational opportunities for our members and we plan to continue with these efforts while developing new programs, sponsoring creative and business opportunities for our members and artists in the wider creative community. As a group of independent businesspeople in the arts we are in the unique position to focus on the specialized needs of this segment and act as supportive mentors. With the assistance of technical advisors and growth support, Boston Handmade has the potential to help those who might otherwise not find an appropriate resource pool, and by further partnering with existing organizations we will strengthen our offerings and increase demand for related industries. In 2011 we are broadening our sense of commitment to the arts within and outside of our membership base. Through this growth we will increase strength in the local creative sector and promote independence and self-reliance for countless artists and craftspeople.

Along with this exciting news, I’m pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications for new group members in all media categories. For application information, and to apply online visit our website. Membership applications will be accepted until April 16th, with the next round of jurying to begin in summer.

At Boston Handmade we believe that with more local artists making a living making art there would be more art accessible to more people, improving everyone’s quality of living, one unique object at a time. Whether you are an artist, craftsperson, collector or handmade enthusiast, we hope to get to know you sometime soon, and we hope that you get to know us too. Making connections and working together will help us all reach our creative and professional goals.


  1. I really look forward to the new changes, very exciting

  2. More power to Boston Handmade and may the organization prosper this year 2011 and the years to come, a true inspiration for craftspeople and artists in Boston.


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