Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies

by Allison of Fraske Designs

A simple, fun craft that I enjoy, and that I have written about before, is making felt fortune cookies. I made a batch recently around New Year's for my coworkers. It's a fun gift for New Year's, in keeping with the good fortunes theme, but also great for party favors, wedding favors, or to use as a decoration around the house.

This craft is also easy to do on-the-go, like on an airplane, in a car ride, or while you are waiting around, because it is small and you can transport the materials easily.

Here is how I make my felt fortune cookies, adapted from CraftSanity's tutorial which is where I found the original directions. Mine is a bit more freeform than CraftSanity's, as they use a printed template and measurements. I have found that it's easy enough to keep track of sewing without using a template.

How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies

What you will need:

- Felt, 2 identical sized sheets, any color. I used a tan to start but
you can get creative.

- Thread. Consider a matching or complementary thread. I used metallic
copper for these to offset the tan a bit.

- Sharp scissors

- Sewing needle

- Pin needles

- Large mug (or something circular with about a 4" diameter that you
can trace)

- Pencil

Visualization of the tutorial's steps

1. Start by tracing the circumference of your mug onto one sheet of
felt. You can do one circle at a time, but if you are making
multiples, fit as many circles on

2. Layer your template over your other sheet of felt. Use pin needles
to secure felt layers together.

3. Carefully cut out the circles. Cut them as the two layers of felt
are pinned to each other. You will end up with 2 identical circles
which will create one felt fortune cookie. *Don't worry too much about
cutting a perfect circle yet. You will be able to trim jagged edges at
the end. Just don't cut inside the circle if you can help it.

4. Take your pinned circled felt layers and sew opposing sides
together around the circumference, leaving about 1 inch open on
either side. You can try using a sewing machine, but I had an easier
time controlling it by hand-sewing.

5. Fold in half so that the middle of the sewn sides are on the fold,
and the open sides are now on the "half moon"

6. Sew open layers together. You will now be sewing through 4 layers
of felt instead of 2 layers. Ultimately, it will look like a
continuation of your first sewing step. You will end up with two open
edges, one on each side.

7. Bend cookie into fortune cookie shape and secure the middle with a
few stitches. This can be a little tricky, as you are maneuvering the
needle inside the cookie.

8. Write fortunes, place in cookies, and give to friends!

Writing fortunes is the fun part. You can be silly or insightful, or a
little of both. Some of my favorites are:

"The problems of today will soon be buried by the sand of time"

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?"

"Life is a garden - dig it!"

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

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  1. These are super adorable!! They would make wonderful handmade gifts. Thanks for the instructions, Allison!


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