Friday, March 11, 2011

On Custom Work- Mission Accepted

by Sharon of Stray Notions

I do a fair amount of custom work and I do love it. From a business (and ego) standpoint it's nice to work on something that is already spoken for -- commissioned by someone who has faith in you to translate their vision into a reality. It also can be, given the right customer, an opportunity to stretch into areas I may not have ventured in the past. It can also feel like a huge responsibility to end up with a "product" that matches expectations and I know from talking to other creatives that it is not for everyone - for that reason and for the boundaries it puts on personal expression. It's also, as I've learned and learned to adapt to, quite difficult to estimate the time you'll need to invest in the project up front in order to be able to provide an accurate price quote.

At the moment I'm working on a large project to create a set of embroidered table linens in the mission or craftsman style. It's a period style I'm fond of and have dabbled in, which is how the project arose. In fact I'm thinking that in addition to traveling the world through embroidery I might also take a few trips through time.

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