Friday, March 4, 2011

Social Networking Made Easy with

Social networking- a necessary success tool for businesses but who has the time? For those of you who would rather spend more time in the studio and less time on Twitter/Blogger/Linkedin/Facebook/etc, never fear! A new tool has arrived and it's called

Though still in Beta, (as in "deliver it") will likely prove to be a valuable resource for social networkers. The concept is simple- choose a place to post something, like on your blog, and rather than signing into Twitter or LinkedIn to then post a link to your blog, does it for you automatically. Magic! You can create customized routes to your different social media outlets and it even tracks the click-thrus for you.

Don't have time to Twitter throughout the day? also let's you schedule tweets in advance. It will also automatically shorten your links using For more perks, visit their "why" section.

I was introduced to by Boston Handmade member Alison of Fraske Designs and I am so grateful since I recently went from being in front of a computer all day with plenty of time for social media to a completely opposite situation with little computer time. I've set up two feeds- one that goes from my blog to my Twitter feed, and another that goes from Twitter to LinkedIn. It's really helped me feel more organized, informed, and less of a slacker with my social networking!

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  1. WOW! Fantastic! So often I get my blog posted and then forget to place links in FB and Twitter. Now I don't have to worry :)


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