Saturday, April 16, 2011

Know your Ceramic Artist - a little contest

by Sharon Fischer Stray Notions

Looking for a pretty bowl for some berries recently turned up these two and have inspired a little game and giveaway here and on my own blog. I purchased these around 20 years ago from an up and coming young ceramic artist who in the intervening years has made his/her name in the ceramic world: whose work is in international collections and who is often listed as a mentor/teacher by others. In short, it is unlikely that I would be able to own any current work by this artist.

So the question is can you guess whose work this is? I will be posting hints on my own blog (at least 3 or until we have a winner). The prize will be $5 to use to purchase something useful from Karen Mahoney's (one of Boston Handmade's ceramics artists) shop, because I still want to support artists and "spread the pretty around" in whatever small ways I can afford.

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