Thursday, April 21, 2011


By Diane of Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design

We all have something that we are passionate about but you have to find it deep within you. It’s easier said than done but what I will say is that you will be much happier doing what you love and will be more willing to take the risk needed in life to make you happier. Recently I decided to do a career change and focus on my fiber arts business while doing non-profit consulting and it has made me happier in my personal and professional life.

Therefore, I challenge all of you to spend time thinking about what motivates you each morning to get up and do what you love. If you are doing it…keep on keeping on. And if you are struggling, find it within you to take bold risk to do what you love. In the end, no matter what career field you are in, you will create and inner-peace that is beautiful.

Passion. Purpose. Pride.

1 comment :

  1. Hear Hear!! I so agree, Diane - thanks for the inspirational words and Congrats on taking the leap into doing more of what you love!!! I'm so excited for you!


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